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CS Velo stands for “Combined strength”. Our organization was started by Luke Bunting as a way of honoring his dad who was battling cancer. He put his dad’s name on his jersey and showed him that he would be strong for him and carry his name wherever he rode. Luke found support from within the cycling community and when his father passed, he found peace and healing through cycling - his teammates gave him the strength to move forward, adding his dad’s name to their jerseys as well.

CS Velo is built on the premise that we are stronger as a group than as individuals, both on the bike and in our lives. Many of our teammates have experienced the untimely loss of friends and loved ones from battling illnesses like cancer. As a team, we aim to underscore that together we are stronger, and with the strength of a group we can succeed in life and on the bike. Teammates are invited to add the name of a loved one in whose honor they ride to our jersey each year and together we carry these names as we ride to remind us of our Combined Strength. You can count on CS Velo riders to be “good guys” who ride and compete with a purpose.

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Many of our lives and the lives of our loved ones have been affected by cancer, disease and hardship. Through cycling we have found a healthier lifestyle and increased emotional benefits. We shine a light on those struggling with similar hardships and inspire them to enjoy a healthier and more emotionally stable life through cycling with teammates and embracing our core values of teamwork and togetherness.

CS Velo aims to advance the sport of cycling locally and nationally while supporting fundraising for the causes that brought us together (primarily cancer-related diseases). We provide a venue for amateur riders and racers to be the best cyclist they want to be and a team of elite-level athletes who compete at the national level to promote our cause.


Bring awareness to our community of the physical and mental health benefits of cycling and emotional stability that comes from being part of a supportive team.

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