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We had dreams of riding professionally when we were younger, but the encouragement and financial backing to be successful were hard to come by. Even with hard work and persistence, a lack of support can undermine even the most promising career. With our dreams of “going pro”, we took the first step, creating our Elite Team in 2016. This coming season marks our third year as registered “USA Cycling Domestic Elite” squad, with experience and connections at many USAC Pro Road Tour and American Road Calendar races. 2019 will be a more geographically diverse but even more talented squad as we travel and race across the country. We support our racers with equipment, training programs, travel costs, registration fees, coaching and general assistance so that they have a better chance of realizing the dream of becoming professional cyclists. As team owners we are emotionally connected to each rider’s success and work diligently to help them achieve their best. The team is kept small, sharply focused and well supported. We keep a few more experienced racers on the squad to help guide and educate the younger racers. Access to the knowledge and skills from these seasoned racers and former professionals advances our young riders both personally and professionally.


After meeting many local teams, I joined CS Velo because everyone on the team was incredibly kind, even before I joined. A competitor at heart, I had dreams of being a professional cyclist but the support system to get me there never existed. Investing with CS Velo is making my dream a reality for our dedicated and gifted Domestic Elite Team racers. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, the whole club was there for me. I got to show my mom her name on our jerseys before she passed away and she smiled knowing that my teammates and I carry her name everywhere we ride. CS Velo gave me strength when I needed it and I am proud to give back to the club and the D/E Team.” - Kurt Dodds, Elite Team Director


A Senior VP and Director at PNC Bank, Kurt’s real passion lies with all things cycling. A BMX State Champ at age 15, he knows how hard it is to make cycling a real career when you lack support. With age comes wisdom and the chance to give back to those with big dreams like you once had. Kurt, together with his wife Meredith have been the driving force in creating a financially sound way for CS Velo to invest in developing elite athletes, helping make his one-time dream for himself into a reality for talented young cyclists. Kurt & Meredith live in Ardmore, PA with their dog, “Pedal”.

“CS Velo (Combined Strength Racing) came out of an idea I had to help my Dad who had cancer. At times he got very sick and did not have enough energy to even stand. I told him to draw strength from me as I have more than enough to share. This got me thinking about all our loved ones who are sick or suffering and need to be uplifted. Our team will be in honor of those people. Combined we are stronger and each team member is invited to race or ride for someone they feel needs to be lifted up. The names of those we are riding for go on our jerseys as a constant reminder that we are working together to bring strength to others. CS Velo will ride as a team and with the idea of strength as a whole for others that need it.” - Luke Bunting, CS Velo Founder


Founder of CS Velo Cycling, Luke is Regional Sales Leader for GORE Wear. He has been in the cycling industry for over a decade, previously working for Specialized as the Market Developer in Philadelphia, CAPO Cycling Apparel and shop manager at Cadence Cycling. Luke has a vast array of industry connections and a passion to see the CS Velo name achieve it’s highest potential. He lives in the Philadelphia area with his wife Heather, children Max & Harper, and a house filled with more bicycles than he has time to ride.

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