Taylor Warren

Career highlight: Winning the 2016 Colorado Pro1/2 state championship road race the weekend before also winning the state criterium championship.

First race experience: Doing a local time trial around Orlando international airport as a junior.

Favorite training road: Sunrise highway in the Cleveland national forest, about 50 miles east of SD.

Best post race food: Definitely In-and-Out Burger if I'm on the west coast, Chipotle if somewhere else.

Who I ride for: I'm riding for my mom, Ginger Warren, as she has supported me throughout my whole cycling career.

Patrick Collins

Career highlight: Finishing the wild & grueling Tour of Qinghai Lake in 2017 aka the "unofficial fourth Grand Tour".   7 career top 10 UCI CX results. Earning TV time at the 2018 Tour de Guadeloupe in breakaways & assisting teammate for podium finishes.  Best Young Rider at 2017 Doylestown Crit. Going full tilt at my first UCI Europe tour stage race: 2017 Baltyk-Karkonosze Tour.

First race experience: he Wachusett Mountain Hillclimb, a local small mountain where I have spent countless hours riding, skiing & hiking. My dad hiked up to the midway point & cheered for me while I was suffering hard.

Favorite training road: Pretty much any gravel/dirt road. Vermont has some nice ones.

Best post race food: Anything that's lying around... :)

Who I ride for: I ride for my grandfather, John P. Collins. He had a rough past couple of years with a sharp decline in his health. "Grampy" is a Korean War veteran, writer, doctor (PhD) and loving grandfather.

Camden Black Ingersoll

Career highlight: Winning the 2018 Killington Stage Race (CAT1 /2).

First race experience: Maine Apple Classic, 2015. Won by retired NHL player Eric Weinrich, who rode away from us on a descent 5 miles into the race. I was third.

Favorite training road: Cadillac Mountain Summit road in Acadia. Best at sunrise or sunset! And when there is no traffic.

Best post race food: Homemade superhero cookies

Who I ride for: I ride for Casey Andersen, who has always supported and uplifted me!

Sean Burger

Career highlight: 8th in the 2018 Amateur Nationals Criterium.  I pulled off my first win as a Cat 1 at the Media Criterium in PA. This summer I finally begin to find confidence in my abilities, training, and experienced based knowledge. My teammate Will and I shared effort and kept the pace just high enough in the winning move. He attacked with 2 laps remaining for the final preem (I leaned over and told him to go for it. He was already planning to!). I followed any chasers wheels until he was caught with one to go. I jumped early into the last turn and took it all the way. Everything came together for a day, and riding aggressive paid off.

First race experience: 2013 Philly Phlyer Road Race with Temple University!

Favorite training road: Locally my favorite PA road is Shed Road in French Creek State Park. Favorite destination training road has to be Mount Lemmon in Tucson, AZ. 

Best post race food: Chocolate protein recovery shake made with coconut milk and banana.

Who I ride for: I race for my mom Donna Burger. Her support and influence to push me to always step outside of my comfort zone and engage in a wide range of team and group based experiences was and is vital to my development as a person and athlete.

Will Cooper

Career highlights: 3rd at Wilmington Grand Prix 2018, 3rd GC at Killington Stage Race 2018, 11th at NorthStar Grand Prix TT 2017

First race experience: Earning scars at Turkey Hill in the CAT5

Favorite training road: Coming soon!

Best post race food: Meredith's recovery shakes! When those aren't available- Pizza Combos w/ chocolate milk.

Who I ride for: A little different, but I would like to ride for "Tree of Life Congregation" this year. Words fail me. An act of violence took place at my home, close to friends, close to family, targeting a welcoming community built by kind, honest, giving people. The world needs every ounce of love we have to give.

Jacob Skrip

Career highlight: Thompson Criterium of Doylestown CAT2, 1st in 2015 and 2016. USAC Junior Road Nationals TT 2017- 5th 2017 GMSR Stage 2: 5th, Juniors 2017 GMSR Stage 3: 4th , Juniors

First race experience: Well... My first road race involved me crashing in a field of 10-12 juniors just 2miles in. My next road race involved me getting a flat on the 2nd to last lap of a crit.

Favorite training road: TBD

Best post race food: Definitely eggs! They're the ultimate source of protein

Who I ride for: Olga Skrip. She’s my 95 year old great grandmother. Living 95+ years isn't easy so if shecan keep pushing, I sure as hell can when riding my bike.

Will Gleason

Career highlight: 1st at 2018 Tour of Washington County Stage 1 and 2nd GC. 2nd at 2018 Tour de Greta. 1st GC at 2017 Green Mountain Stage Race and 1st on Stage2. 3rd at 2017 Capital Region Road Race.

First race experience: Groveport Time trial at age 12. I missed the first turn and rode 20 miles offcourse until the police found me and told me I was lost.

Favorite training road: Shed Road, Birdsboro, PA.

Best post race food: Burger and Fries

Who I ride for: Coming soon!

Andrew Giniat

Career highlight: Although I didn't actually win the race, my favorite result to date was at the Lake Bluff Criterium, one of the final days of the Intelligentsia Cup in 2017. I bridged solo to a break of 4 within the final 5 laps and once there knew I could ride the short descent on the back half of the course so I attacked the break going into the bell and held them off until the final meters where I got passed to end up 3rd. What adds to the importance of this result was that I had friends and family there to share the experience with me.

First race experience: My first racing experience was racing at the Northbrook Velodrome nearChicago when I was 15 years old on a steel Bianchi Pista I bought while working at a local shop. At thetime, racing wasn't something that took hold of me the way it did when I had my second racingexperience in the Chicago Cross Cup at 20 or 21- also on a steel single speed, coincidentally.

Favorite training road: I live in Asheville, NC so there are no shortage of amazing roads to ride on so thisone isn't easy for me but if I have to choose then I'd pick the Elk Trail climb that connects Elk Mountainto the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's scenic, quiet, curvaceous and just the right grade. It also presents afeeling of exposure which is less common to roads in Western North Carolina than a place like Colorado.

Best post race food: like to start with a banana post race but usually will quickly follow it up with riceand eggs with a bit of soy sauce. Lots of quick sugars, some electrolytes and some protein.

Who I ride for: At the end of the day I'm most motivated internally but I do love making my parentsproud and always dig an extra bit when they're present.

Cristhian Ravelo

Career highlight: 2017 Green Mountain Stage Race GC Team Victory, 3rd at 2017 Vail TT, 8th at 2016 Leadville 100.

First race experience: Mountain bike race in the Vail town series when I was 13 years old. I won! 

Favorite training road: Mountain bike race in the Vail town series when I was 13 years old. I won! 

Best post race food: Rice and eggs. 

Who I ride for: Ravelo Avila.  My family, team and everyone around me is also who I ride for with out their support I wouldn’t have that drive and willingness to chase my dreams.